Creating The Memories For Tomorrow

“As soon as we landed, we walked around the streets to soak everything in. After walking for about 5 minutes, we got invited to a party by some locals, and we instantly stopped worrying about everything and felt welcomed”

Chloe White


Chloe White is a 19 year old Australian from Wollongong who went on the trip of a lifetime in New Zealand a few years ago with her friend. She bought a ticket to Queenstown in the South Island, which is considered the iconic place for back-packers and adventure lovers. She booked a hostel for the next 3 months, and went on a hunt for a job.

I was getting paid $11 or $12 an hour, which isn’t much compared to back home, but the cost of living was lower, and I wasn’t so worried about the money, I just needed enough to live off“, Chloe recalled when talking about how she managed to pay for everything overseas. Working overseas is probably everyones dream, and even though it wasn’t at her dream job, it’s an achievement  “I should have saved up more money before I left, I missed out on doing a lot of things

Most people are scared to move out of home, or even to travel overseas by themselves, but Chloe somehow managed to do both at once, and didn’t regret it at all. “Meeting new people from different backgrounds gives you a bigger understanding of life“, Chloe continues, “I accidentally tried to get a Jewish person to eat bacon, I didn’t realise it wasn’t a part of their culture. I chose New Zealand so I wouldn’t get a culture shock, but there you go”. But Chloe wasn’t settling just for Queenstown, she saved up enough money for a car, and road-tripped it around the South Island with her friend. “It was such a great trip. I’d recommend it to everyone“.

Travelling isn’t all fun and games however, she goes on to say how “you’re never alone in a hostel, which can be a good and bad thing. In the last week, I just wanted to go home and shower. I was home-sick and it was getting too much having to wear the same clothes every day.” Everyone wants to travel, but no one is prepared for that feeling that can make or break holidays that make you want to turn around and go home.

New Zealand 2013 (Chloe White)


When you get older, you remember all the amazing trips and life experiences you had while you’re young, not the day-in, day-out routine of working and earning money, “It’s important to create memories” Chloe finishes. Chloe’s created her memories, now it’s time to get off your chair and create your own, whether it be travelling overseas, or inviting those lost backpackers in for a party you’ll both remember.


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