The Evolution of Network Topologies

This week I decided to change things up a bit. I decided to do more of a ‘case study’ regarding network topologies to further explain and show how they’ve evolved, and what each are capable of.

The evolution of network topologies is what makes the internet so great. The fact that it evolved from a controlled ‘star-shaped’ topology to a more ‘distributed network’, means that so much more is possible. A great example to show the extent and possibilities is to examine file-sharing websites. If we examine MegaUpload as a star-shaped network, and The PirateBay as a distributed network, we can already agree on a winning website.

With a star-shaped topology, MegaUpload controlled the content, which means to exchange files, you would need to bypass MegaUpload’s servers. This would ultimately be their downfall in 2012, when their servers and equipment were seized, resulting in the closure of the website.

Meanwhile, over at The PirateBay, because they work on a distributed network, their website could essentially run forever. The fundamental difference between them, being that because of their different network topologies, no files need to bypass The Pirate Bay’s servers, it acts instead similar to a search engine. This is how the website managed to withstand so many legal threats, and is still online today.

If you enjoy listening to crazy people ramble on about stuff they actually like, then here are some more thoughts on the topic:



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