First MEDA101 Shooting

For my Media Arts this semester, one of my assessments is in photography, which we essentially have to photograph an uncanny object. For my object, I’m doing my MacBook pro, and i’m attempting to photograph it in a completely alien environment, considering it’s purpose. So it looks completely out of place. That’s the theory though, I don’t know how they’ll turn out, probably nothing how I imagine. So for one of my locations, I went to an abandoned hotel near Newtown. Don’t go to Newtown during peak hour. Just don’t


The place was filled with litter, graffiti, empty drinks and everything looked like it was infested with aids. If you can use common sense and avoid the syringes and broken glass, it was actually a pretty cool place to shoot at. We bumped into two Swedish tourists outside as we were trying to get in, who apparently were “maybe” trying to get inside. In terms of my assignment, I was trying to find a location inside with heavy graffiti, that made you think “Why is that person using their laptop in this place?”, and I think I found one.

I’m still undecided on which shot to use exactly, because I got quite a few good ones I think. And i’m such a perfectionist, so I might even go back there. I’m going to filter it in black and white for my assignment because I wanted to viewer to look straight at the laptop, and not at the colourful graffiti on the wall, because it’s very good at distracting your gaze. But all in, it was a great day, and a great location. Huge thanks to the Urbex-Profesional Holly for showing me where it is, and sitting in aids-infected carpet for me. She also has a Facebook page with some awesome photos on it that are worth a look at. I have some more posted over on my Tumblr if anyone wants to see some more.


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