Philosophy Of Journalism Statement

After graduating high school back in 2013, I started university with no real idea of what I wanted to do, or what I wanted to be when I graduate. I was open to just about everything, and journalism has helped filled one of those holes. I started journalism in my second year intending for it to become a minor, and I’ve fallen in love with the subject.

My love for photography compliments my journalistic work, and it’s the part of journalism I hope to get involved with. I’m more interested in the multimedia side of journalism rather than actually writing, because it’s my way of capturing stories. I prefer it to writing because capturing a story through a photograph or video is a universal language that everyone will be able to understand.

At this current moment, i’m looking for a career that will allow me to use my talents in photography and capturing stories of people around the world, whether that be in a field of journalism or not. My dream job would be to become a photographer or videographer for National Geographic, and nothing will stop me from making this a reality.


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