Lucie Martinez

Lucie is a third year Journalism student, on exchange from Tours, France. Back home, she works at a several Journalism and News outlets such as ‘Ouest-France Rennes‘, where she’s built up a reputation for herself. To top that off, she speaks four languages; English, French, Spanish and Italian!

I met Lucie in my photography classes at uni, where her French accent intrigued me to the point where I just had to talk to her (because who doesn’t love a French accent?).  From the little time i’ve known her, I can tell you she loves being in front of the camera just as much as being behind it.


Blair Arnold

Blair Arnold is a second year journalism student, who’s just as passionate about his coffee as he his with his writing. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Blair for almost a year now, and in that time, we managed to go for a holiday in the Gold Coast with some other friends, where I managed to take this portrait, about 30 floors from the ground.

It shows Blair for who he is, a glass wearing coffee lover with a fresh hair-cut.

University Life: Free Parking

A struggle that every UOW student knows and feels. Parking. Parking on campus costs you an arm and a leg, and so most people opt for the free parking off the campus, even if it means walking a thousand miles. Well for those that aren’t aware, UOW have a section of parking dedicated to those that carpool with three or more people, and it’s beautiful.

It’s almost a tradition to drive around/close to the campus, looking for people walking by themselves, and asking them to hop in your car. The first few times make you feel like a pedophile, but after that awkward hump, it’s pretty easy, especially as it saves you a heap of money!

It’s something that’s almost inevitable for every UOW student to do at least once, so keep up the tradition!

University Life: The Uni Bar

I think everyone can agree, that one of the best parts about University life is the on-campus bar. Studying and drinking at the same time? What can go wrong? Last year for me anyway, one of the best days of uni were those spent after class at the uni bar with my mates. A good $11 jug of beer and a chip roll is pretty much all you need.

It’s a beautiful place to be, not just because of the people, but the sun sets just behind the trees outside the uni bar, and makes for some killer golden sun rays. There is always good music on, live or on radio, so check it out if you get the chance!

Hello Journalism!

So in my second year of University, i’ve decided to take up Journalism! I don’t know why I didn’t study it in my first year, I made the mistake of picking French as an elective and finding out learning a new language requires intensive study, and i’m too busy procrastinating for that. I’m pretty keen to get going with Journalism, especially because it has a strong digital aspect with photography and video, and after investing quite a lot of money in a new Camera, i’m looking for almost any excuse to use it.

I’ve picked up Photography as a Minor as well, something else I should have done in my first year, but I had no idea what I wanted out of my degree, and I’m sure i’ll change everything around in my third year as well. You’re always going to find something new and exciting. Just like Politics and the Media, a subject i’ll be doing in my second semester. Finally i’ll get the chance to be marked by ripping into Murdoch’s corrupt empire of a business.

If there are any first years reading this, you’re all probably nervous and don’t really know what’s going on, just like I was this time last year. You just need to relax, and everything will be explained a million times over to you so you understand every aspect of Uni. The best part about Uni is definitely the lifestyle, working out your own timetable, getting time to be social, and not having to travel to Uni every day (unless you’re like me and screwed up their timetable). Definitely check out those $11 jugs of beer at the Uni bar!

A good beer and a chip roll makes for a great lunch

The best part about the Communications and Media degree however, is the homework. I mean, who wouldn’t love blogging and tweeting as homework? I pretty much did that already, and know I get graded on it, I’m living the dream! The only bad part of my second year is that I don’t have Sue Turnbull as a lecturer! She was the absolute best lecturer that i’ve had so far, she always has so many great videos to show, and interacts with the Twitter feed while she’s talking! #BadAssSue

Lastly, WordPress is super easy to use once you know what to do, so if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on any type of social media!