Survive: Results + Expansions

Between the game-testing and now, i’ve added a few new things into the game. Despite the thoughts I had about removing ‘The Judge’ role from the game and opening it up to anyone that isn’t the Survivor or the Devil’s Advocate, I’ve decided to keep the role as is, because I found through more game testing that it was less intuitive to have multiple people decide the outcome of the game, especially when they disagree with each other. Playing through the game without the Judge role, made the game a lot longer, and when people held their ground about a particular outcome, it caused more arguments between themselves, and essentially ruining the fun of the game.

I’ve had a lot of problems with the graphical design, with a lack of creativity and time being the main problems. I was originally thinking of doing some basic back-arts for all the decks, which would have been the easier part of the graphical design, but for the content of the cards, no matter what deck it was in, would have to be of a similar style, and so they would have to all be custom made. I did try and approach a graphic designer to get a quote from her, but she was unable to commit to the time needed to design the graphics, even when I offered a decent pay for it.


A month or so back, when I first pitched this game to Chris in class, he told me that I should consider the possibilities of expansion packs of ‘Survive’, and I loved this idea! The expansion packs would work similarly to the expansion packs of Cards Against Humanity, or Super Fight, where in the expansion pack, you can either play with just those cards, or add them into the stock deck for a larger and longer game.

So here are some idea’s for possible expansions that have been bouncing around my head and suggested by some friends; Space, University, Zombie Apocalypse, World War 2, Into The Future, Into The Past.

And so that sums up the results for my game! I’ve decided to not print out my game through a professional service, and I was just going to stick with my ‘hella povo’ paper version that i’ve been using for my play-testing. I’m not too sure how far i’ll take this in the future after this class finishes, but it’s a game i’ll always love to whip out and have a quick game!


3 thoughts on “Survive: Results + Expansions

  1. Through playtesting this game, It was extremely hard to see a fault in this game past the fact that no one could decide on a winner of the rounds. It was extremely thought out and planned and the cards were easy to understand. The only thing that needs tidying up was the cards as sometimes they were too vague or we had to change the meanings of the cards as they weren’t very clear. Otherwise an amazing game.

  2. I’ve got an idea for an expansion pack: “President Trump: America the Great”. And now I’ve made myself depressed. Expansion packs for card games are always a good idea, they keep people coming back. I know I got pretty bored with Cards Against Humanity because you learn what’s on the cards really quickly and everything loses its novelty really quickly, but expansions help keep the game fresh and exciting. I can see how removing the Judge role can make things more complicated and less fun for everyone, competitiveness can sometimes get in the way and make people cry (eg me and Pictionary), so I’m glad you decided to keep it! Either way it sounds like an awesome game, povo cards and all! Congrats 🙂

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