You Shaved Nice Today!

The title says it all, these days, the Internet is almost literally integrated into everything, mobile phones, watches, wristbands and even fridges! There are so many house hold objects that now depend on technology, and people take that for granted.

People don’t realise the amount of technology and social progression that goes into everyday tools and objects, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson exemplifies this by saying, “No one goes up to you and says, ‘Hey! You shaved nice today! The act of doing it perfectly, is the measure of it going unnoticed“. It doesn’t really have anything to do with The Internet’s integration, but it’s a great speech that you should check out!


One thought on “You Shaved Nice Today!

  1. Are we suppose to watch the all video… ?
    That statement “when it’s done perfectly, it goes unnoticed” i kinda agree as things are suppose to be done the right way, the best possible way, if none of these are reached whatever undertaken action is considered a failure. We do not live in a world of approximation, when you take a plane you don’t want it to land almost perfectly, when you order a steak you don’t want to eat it almost cooked to your taste, perfectly to it… From manufacture to service consistency in delivery the same “perfect” product is a primary matter.

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