For The Lulz

Last week for DIGC202, I talked about Anonymous as a new form of protestors acting unethically for an ethical goal, and as damaging as this collective can be, Anonymous is rather mature compared to groups such as LulzSec.

LulzSec is a “black-hat computer hacker group”, meaning that they essentially hack ‘for the lols’. I’ve been interested in computer hacker groups for a while, the use of technology for ‘political action’ was a new concept in a field that I had immense interest in.

Lulzsec really differs form Anonymous, because they are organised, and have people in charge. The most notable differences however, is not within the hierarchy, but rather in their morals. Since they’re a ‘black-hat’ computer hacker group, their goals are not in line with their morals or any political influences, but instead enjoying hacking for the fun of it.


2 thoughts on “For The Lulz

  1. This is an aspect that I find really interesting. Someone in a another blog brought up the question of “if you were able to hack anyones computer and not be caught, would you?”. This question really relates to LulzSec’s idea of just “hacking for the lols”. If I were to hack just because I could, then it would purely just be for the lols. Well done Jake!

  2. The black-hat are hackers who enjoying breaking or founding the loophole of a system they would usually do it for money or a particular demand. The blue hat are the one that hacks only for fun..
    LulzSec is a dark organization and you shouldn’t be so doll in believe what they tell you in their goals and objective, an easy way to see that is: what have they done for the world ? for the online community ? The only thing for the public’s interest they have done is taking down websites from Government of Brazil and the energy company Petrobras that was accused of corruption and misconduct, that were they last action before the breaking up of the group. (4 years ago)
    While the Anonymous only purpose is to protect us, and you making a bold statement about their hierarchy, have you ever met them ?? it’s a secret organization which imply you won’t know anything about them……
    Most likely the hackers from LulzSec still free from jail must have joined the ranked of Anonymous back then..

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