Road Trip!

Finally! Road trips are just about the best thing in the world. Driving anywhere and everywhere with your mates and camping it out for a few days, and just forgetting about everything else. I love it.

During my recent university break, my friends and I decided it would be a great idea to go camping down in Jervis Bay! It was such a great idea, and shout out to Blake Stanbridge for organising it all. Since we were going camping, and not staying in rooms, we had to pack tents and stuff, however, my priorities were at my comfort level. I packed three doonas and three blankets, and about six pillows. I regret nothing. My friend Jordan packed his tent into my car, and we slept like kings.

We spent the next few days just lazing around, checking out the beach and the small town, and getting pretty drunk playing all sorts of games. One amazing thing they forgot to mention on the website however, was the amount of wine-mums staying at the resort. You feel weird sitting around drinking aimlessly at a camp site, until you walk around and realise everyone else basically does it full time.

The wildlife around the resort was amazing! It actually makes you feel like you’re experiencing the Australia everyone else in the world thinks it is. Kangaroos roam freely around the resort, they walked straight through our campsite! It was great to see them up close, and just have them close by. Makes you feel so much more Australian.

I think my favourite part of the trip however, was on the first night, when the last of our friends came down. I was enjoying my cider, when I hear “Happy  birthday” being sung by everyone. My first instinct was “oh shit, i’ve forgotten someones birthday” and started singing along, until I realised everyone was looking at me. They had bought me a cake for missing my party, (which in itself is understandable, they live in Wollongong and I live in Sydney), and it was just such a great feeling. It feels good to have great friends.

However, the main reason I was so excited to go down, was the chance to film a travel video! (And take photos!) So that’s exactly what I did. I spent the whole time filming and taking photos, and spent a good day or two of my time editing and making it perfect. So a big thanks to all my friends for putting up with my camera in their faces!


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