We Are Anonymous

With the online world expanding every day, and the concept of protesting online through clicktivism becoming a common thing, it wasn’t long until it was possible to terrorise or to unethically protest an issue online. Today’s version of protestors breaking and entering to cause havoc are online hackers, and the most prominent example is the collective known as Anonymous.

Anonymous is an online collective of hackers that all have a common goal of hacking ‘for the greater good’. They work together unethically to achieve an ethical goal. and this is why there’s a huge divide in the public concerning whether this group is a group of good or bad people.

The idea behind anonymous is great, because it’s not an organised group with a regular power hierarchy, almost anyone you know, could be in anonymous. You don’t even have to be a computer wizz to help out.


One thought on “We Are Anonymous

  1. Anyone can join the group or support them by following their actions or even providing them a financial help.. but to be an Anonymous member of course you need to be have mad IT skills !
    Showing them support is important so that they know they are doing the right thing, and so that the governments know what the people want.

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