I’m (not) Helping Change The World!

Being a Clicktivist is the modern day version of a protester, because it requires minimal effort, and it’s easy to accomplish. However, there’s huge debate in whether clicktivism actually accomplishes anything. Popular scholars such as Henry Jenkins and Steve Wilkinson sit either side of the issue with their own valid arguments.

So to vocalise this issue, I decided to have a little debate with my friend Alec Bennett (alec1995.wordpress.com) about whether popular social media campaigns such as KONY 2012 and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge actually accomplished anything through social media.


2 thoughts on “I’m (not) Helping Change The World!

  1. This post is actually great! awesome work. having the debate style podcast is really entertaining and interesting to listen to, and was a nice break from reading long blog posts. You both really covered the topic to a deep level and I actually feel like I came away from this post way more informed. I am definitely on the side of online activism being an awesome thing and one of the most important parts of our powerful online world.
    I found this similar debate to be really interesting http://fairsay.com/events/debates/activism-vs-slacktivism – there is a highlight video up the topic, have a look at that if youre interested, it brings up some points that you Alec do also 🙂 good work!

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