Welcome To The Apple Empire!

Buy the new iPhone, iPad, iMac and iPod all for every dollar you have, and have the freedom* you need for the 21st Century!

* Freedom not included

This week we talked about The Feudalisation of The Internet, and I thought that Apple was the most obvious, largest, and most commonly known example. Everything Apple does is innovative, but also restrictive at the same time, and here are some examples;

  • iPhone: Creating a digital phone with only their software
  • App Store: Creating their own marketplace with their own currency
  • iPod: Compatible with their software only
  • Development: No complete freedom in App Development
  • iMac: Restricted in terms of software

All of these items are innovative in their own way, but like I stated before, they also restrict you in so many ways. Ted said it best himself in the lecture, “You’re free to do what you want, but it’s controlled by the manor (Apple)“.


One thought on “Welcome To The Apple Empire!

  1. Great thought, but all these restrictions are the reasons that keep the IPhones clean from viruses and malware. By fully controlling what is installed and developed for their products Apple can guarantee the quality and good-functioning of their services. Quality over quantity !

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