Youtube Vlogging!

Youtube was a massive game changer when it came to video production, and it completely changed the video industry. It removed a vast majority of filters that were in place between producer and consumer, now the producer could film, edit, and publish their own work and get it to their audience on the same day. The success of a Youtube channel relies on an attention economy.

Youtuber channels such as CaseyNeistat are a great example of a successful vlogging channel, receiving a majority of the attention, while other vloggers such as Danger Dan don’t receive as much attention, but in my opinion, have almost the same quality! Danger Dan is well worth checking out, especially that video in particular as he talks about his perspective of this issue.

It’s because of how Youtube works that’s made it so successful, it’s essentially a platform for prod-users. While Youtube is a great platform, and there’s so much content, there’s only a small percentage of channels that get a large amount of views, and this is The Long Tail effect in practice.


2 thoughts on “Youtube Vlogging!

  1. Long tail effect can applied to almost everything in this world, everything has a cycle, everything is standardized. Even the grades of our assignments are..
    But we must be careful to not put everything into long tail category, as a video reaching 0.0001% of the population, is that a market big enough to be named ? is it even worth our time ? Not all the bloggers receiving little attention are great, many are irrelevant to the public.

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