“God.. Is Quite Clearly A Maniac”

English comedian, actor and activist Stephen Fry has rather uniquely and harshly answered the question of “what would you do if when you died, you met god?”. Stephen, most known for his presenting role in QI (and also known notably for having a high IQ), doesn’t believe in any sort of god, so when interviewed by Gay Byrne for his show The Meaning Of Life, he must have surely been expecting a well thought out answer to almost any religious question he would throw at Stephen. Well, Stephen was prepared alright.

He’s viciously attacked the idea of an ‘all-good god’, and stood his ground on an issue that has put people on eggshells before, calling god “stupid” and “vicious”. It’s not uncommon for people to regularly attack the idea of a god, or project their idea’s of Atheism or Agnosticism (the idea that the existence of a god is unknowable), but when Stephen Fry says something like this, it has a much larger impact, probably because of how well he’s known, and what he’s known for.


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