World News: Old Man Yells At Cloud

The global media is a very powerful tool; it promotes the news about one country, all across the world. It can shine countries in positive or negatives lights, and affect international relationships. Today however, I wanted to talk about one of the sources I get my news from. Reddit, and how people argue what is counted as ‘world news’, especially as it is a very Americanised website, with most of it’s users being American citizens.

Reddit is made up of ‘sub-reddits’, so there are so many different forums, for just about anything you could think of. Several people depending on how many people regularly use it moderate each forum, and they have rules to govern what can be posted, which is essentially used to keep the forum filled with content that is intended, and to maintain ‘peace’ between users.

The ‘sub-reddit’ I frequent for my global news, is ‘worldnews’, and one of the rules they enforce, is ‘no internal US news’. This has been a pretty controversial rule this past year, because it’s a forum most users also look at, and because the users are largely American, they post local news quite often. There have been cases were large internal news events have been posted and debated, to be later removed by the moderators because they are not ‘global issues’.

Not everything is considered Global News

It’s sparked the debate many times on what can and should be considered as global media, and I think this can happen with any country. Local events are considered a ‘big deal’ where it occurs, but it may not necessarily concern other nations and their citizens. I think it’s an issue that we can’t really define, because news is so broad, but it rather has to be consider whether it’s global news or not by the people reporting on it.

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