“Elementary my dear Watson!”

Sherlock Holmes, originally a book, has been adapted into a popular TV series in the UK. It’s a British crime show, and has been highly praised for its writing and production. It follows the life of Sherlock Holmes who acts as a consultant for the police, and uses his remarkable observation techniques and skills to solve a crime.

The TV series follows the same procedure as most crime and detective shows. It starts out with the initial crime; a number of suspects are named, and final plot twists. Most modern police and detective shows follow this procedural, but they approach it in a unique way, so it isn’t just ‘another cop show’. The character developments and traits are what make this show unique to others, and make it very desirable to a large audience.

The show is very culturally English; it uses many aspects of the typical English lifestyle, such as drinking tea, and just their way of thinking, which makes it appeal in the UK. However, it also appeals internationally as well, because it contains international elements that appeal to that audience as well. The different take and unique approaches the producers make for the show appeal to everyone, and it can be seen as the reason why American producers have attempted to re-create it locally in America, with it’s own American twist on it. But as you could probably tell, it didn’t turn out that well.

The TV series ‘Elementary’ first aired in late 2012, and is set in New York. You can instantly see the difference of choices when producing the show because of their cultural differences. For example, they cast a female to play the role of Moriarty, who is pictured as a male in the books, and in the English series. This is seen as a form of ‘Political Correctness’, and could also be associated with the large rise of Feminism in America.

Just by comparing these two series, we can instantly see the difference in film culture, and what changes and personal touches they add to make it appeal locally. Sometimes it doesn’t always work, and my favourite example would be ‘The Inbetweeners’. What a disaster that was in America.


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