The Broods is a newly popular duo consisting of two New Zealand musicians named Georgia Nott and Caleb Nott. The combination of Georgia’s main vocals and Caleb’s backup creates a beautiful symphony of voices that most people can love and appreciate it, and i’m glad that i’m one of those people that have found this duo early enough to appreciate where they started, and how they will progress as a band. They just released their new album “Evergreen”, and i’m completely in love with the song “Killing you”, which they played for us live at The Oxford Art Factory in their concert recently.

I do have to thank Jacob Pittolo for showing me this band though, as soon as I heard their first hit song, I had to hear more. They received a lot of media attention for their single “Bridges”, which coincidentally is certainly one of my favourite songs, not just of theirs as a band, but all time. That’s a big call. Listen to them below, definitely worth your time.

I was lucky enough to see them live not too long ago at The Oxford Art Factory, with some friends, and they were definitely one of the best live performances i’ve seen. The energy and good vibes they bring on stage with them is something that not every band can bring with them. I’ve found that seeing smaller bands live has a better atmosphere (with the few exceptions, The Killers being one for me), because they are all generally bigger fans.

I have to give a big mention to East as well who opened for The Broods, they also had some terrific energy with them, plus their music is well worth a listen as well! Check out their new EP album “Old Age”, I bought it straight away off iTunes when I got home because I loved them so much. If you ever get the chance to see them live, take it.

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