William Fitzsimmons

For my second music post, I’ve decided to introduce you all to one of my favourite Artists, William Fitzsimmons. He’s an American singer/songwriter, and I think of him as another Modern-Day Smiths band, just like Keaton Henson. Yes I have a fetish for break up bands. His first two albums, Until When We Are Ghosts (2005) and Goodnight (2006), we’re completely produced and released by himself. And that’s impressive.

One of his most well known songs, Passion Play (Below), is one of my favourite songs by him. It’s a beautiful song about how he considers himself a Christian, but struggles with his faith. Something im sure alot of people can understand and empathise about.

Some more of his songs that I love include, “Please Don’t Go”, and “So This Is Goodbye”. He is such a beautiful artist, and his music really makes you feel some strong emotions, which is what he tries to achieve. I love this beautiful nature in his lyrics, and to me, it really makes him stand out.

One of the reasons I fell in love with him so much, was his amazing beard! I mean, check it out! I’ve joined the Facebook group “William Fitzsimmons to Tour Australia“, it may only have 111 likes, but there are alot of people over in Australia that would love to see him live. Personally, I would travel to the other side of Australia to see this man. He is amazing.


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