Keaton Henson

For my first music post, I want to post about my current obsession. Keaton Henson. He’s a folk rock musician from England, and he sings as well as play his play guitar, and very well I might add. To my (and others) great disappointment, he apparently suffers from massive stage fright, and so hardly plays in front of crowds. But I would love to see this man live. He has such a great voice.

His two Albums, Dear.. and Birthdays, were released in 2012 and 2013, so he is a relatively new aspiring artist.

I found him while watching a new tv show “In The Flesh” during the credits, and having a soft spot for soft indie music, I paused at the credits every few seconds to catch his name, and then looked him up on spotify.

If I had to compare him to anyone, it would be maybe City and Colour, or maybe Bon Iver. He’s almost like a modern-day version of The Smiths, the PERFECT breakup band. I’ll probably end up doing some posts about them all later. If you like Keaton Henson, you should check him out on spotify. My favourite tracks are; ‘To your Health’, ‘Flesh and Bone’ and ‘Sweatheart, what have you done to us’.

If anyone is interested, I’ll probably be posting once or twice a week in my music category, all generally the same style of music. We all enjoy a bit of party music, but that’s not exciting to blog about.

Anyway, check him out, he’s going to be huge one day, join the “I listened to him before he was cool” bandwagon.

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