Manchester United’s 2013/2014 Season

Manchester United’s 2013/2014 season is looking rather dismal. Sir Alex Ferguson retired after last season, and David Moyes took over as Manager, leaving Everton. Fergie left behind a middle league team for Moyes, and made it rather difficult for him to attain a high place in the Premier League this season. Having brought Fellaini with him to strengthen the midfield, and looking for other high class players to sign (Mata from Chelsea), Moyes is looking to fast track United’s recovery. 

I’ve personally taken a realistic look at the situation, especially after the Cup loses, and it will take some time for us to retain the top spot in England, and to retain our elevated European status. I have #FaithInMoyes and I know that Manchester United, and Alex Ferguson wouldn’t have wanted him to take over, if they didnt see something special.

And just to point out, Moyes has already won more games with United in his first season then Ferguson did in his #FunFact


Moyes and Fergie

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