“It’s going to space! Give it a second!”

With the invention of the Telegraph, the world had changed. It was the beginning of a global community, and global connectivity. While the Telegraph itself was a huge leap in a technological sense for everyone around the globe, the concept of global communication I think was the larger change in the world. From the invention of the Telegraph in 1837, and the World Wide Web in 1991, the world was drastically shifted from distant cities and countries, to one unified body. As Ted put it so poetically, “The World is a body”.

If you asked someone back in the 19th century before the telegraph was even invented, if it would be possible to look up the population of a city, i’m sure they would scratch their heads and assume you were crazy, while today, it would take one Google search. The accessibility of information since the invention of the Telegraph has been exponential, and it’s almost become a necessity.

So basically i’m saying, all those annoying teenagers with their expensive iPhones complaining that their Facebook page didn’t load within 0.1 seconds, we can essentially blame Samuel Morse for that one. Cheers mate.

I’ll let Louis CK vent my rage on the issue.